College Readiness

Academy Students Earn College Credit

At Samueli Academy, our goal is to not only prepare students for future college success but also for our students to earn college credit while in high school, giving them a head start to a college diploma, exposing them to college curricula, and saving families money!

• Samueli Academy students take courses at local colleges during the summer
• Samueli Academy offers upperclassmen the opportunity to enroll dual-credit classes (for free) during the school day, taught by local college professors on our campus, that give our students high school AND college credit
• A host of AP (Advanced Placement) courses that give students exposure to college curriculum as well as earn them college credit by passing an AP exam

Project-based learning prepares students for college

At traditional high schools, classes are often filled with boring lectures. Samueli Academy is a project-based learning school and doesn't allow boring classes! Project-based learning teaches Samueli Academy students to take an active role in their own learning, developing deep critical-thinking and collaboration skills and better preparing them for college life (where students often feel lost). To learn more about Samueli Academy’s project-based learning approach, click here.

View this short video on how Samueli Academy’s project-based learning approach better prepares students for future college success.

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